Welcome to “Shut Up and Blog”

After one of my epic rants, somebody I deeply respect advised me: “Why don’t you just shut up and write a blog?”  Okay!  Since all of my recent attempts at journalism had been rejected by even the lowliest publications, it seemed like a good idea.  I fully intend to continue ranting, but more with my fingertips and less with my vocal chords.  It’s easier on the audience’s ears too.  Seriously, “Shut Up and Blog” is not meant to be a Facebook page, nor is it more than indirectly related to my work as a securities analyst with Cyrano Equity Research, Inc.  I want to make it a platform to express my thoughts on culture, business, politics, sports and other subjects — and share ideas with others.  Please do not hesitate to reply with thoughtful comments, even rants.

My first effort is called “Naming Names: For the Country’s Sake, Let’s Honor our Largest (and Most Egotistical) Taxpayers.”  I hope you like it.